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The 7MOODS concept originated from the union of art with fashion and their goal is to spread the works of Marco Pisanelli, the most famous contemporary Italian surrealist pop artist, not only through art galleries but also through people acting as live installations whilst wearing this high end T-shirts. People at 7MOODS like to think of their brand as a form of art, a surrealist metaphor, an alternative style directed at individuals who wants to use T-shirts to play with the representation of their mood or the expression of dreams. The jersey, the raw cut, the staggered seams, the ‘over’ volumes as well as the large man neckline are crucial elements to the design of these T-shirts, making them metropolitan, indie and rock’n’roll with a bit of an eighties ‘edge’.      
7MOODS T-shirts are completely made in Italy: every step of the production of products is realized in small laboratories in Umbria. You can check their website HERE. And what i love about this brand are these beautiful photos! Do you like it?
 Pre par dana sam dobila mejl, u kome je predstavljen 7MOODS brend, oni u svojoj kolekciji nude samo majice, u nekoliko grafika i modela, tako da osoba može sama da izabere onu koja joj najviše odgovora. Ono što je interesantno, jeste da su u pitanju grafike italijanskog umetnika  (Marco Pisanelli) i da se cela proizdvodnja odvija upravo u Italiji, odakle i jeste ovaj brend. . A meni se možda najviše dopadaju zbog načina na koje su predstavljene , odnosno savršenih fotografija! Kako vam se čine?

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