Homemade ...

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Homemade jam in different flavors, butter,  fresh croissants and heart in cup, can make your days better for sure!
Today I'm in search for some inspiration, refreshing my tumblr account ( HERE), so let me know about your favorites and I will check them out!
Here are mine:
1. http://classy-inthecity.com/ 
2. http://iwantbigcloset.tumblr.com/
3. http://classy-lovely.com/
4. http://lacooletchic.tumblr.com/
5. http://c-h-a-r-m-a-n-t.tumblr.com/
6. http://makishaki.tumblr.com/

Now, type yours!

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Homemade ...
Homemade ...
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